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Slovenská komora učiteľov angličtiny (SCELT – Steyne)
Slovak Chamber of English Teachers (SCELT – Steyne)
Švabinského 2
851 01 Bratislava

Invoice Address:
Slovenská komora učiteľov angličtiny
Baštová 7
811 03 Bratislava


Bank Details
č. účtu: 2927910236/1100 Tatra banka
IBAN: SK8411000000002927910236

IČO: 42357446
DIČ: 202 403 7081
(nie sme platcom DPH)



2 Responses to Contact

  1. Phil Le Mottee says:

    Hi, I am thinking about registering my language school here, but I am not sure of the commercial benefits. I appreciate the intention of furthering English teaching, which needs to include supporting the schools and institutions that teach it. In this regards, what opportunities are their for a language service to be promoted and what kind of audience will such promotions teach?

    • Hi, Phil,
      We’re short-staffed so we apologize for the delayed response.
      We truly are not commercial. Our workshops are meant to be practical for the state school system, from which most of our members come.
      However, there’s in June, run by the Association of Language Schools, primarily for language schools. We think you and your teachers would benefit.
      All the best!

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