Membership in the Slovak Chamber of English Language Teachers/Slovenská komora učiteľov angličtiny is open to all individuals and organisations who are involved in English language teaching, and runs for one year from conference weekend (usually in September). Individuals can become a member of the Chamber at any time as long as they sign up using the online form and pay the annual membership fee.

Membership is not transferable.

There are five types of membership:

  • Full – individuals teaching English in Slovakia (15 EUR/year)
  • Student – part-time or full-time students studying to become teachers (7 EUR/year – a scanned copy of your index sent to is required)
  • Senior – individuals 58 years of age and older who are involved in English teaching (10 EUR/year – evidence of age sent to is required)
  • Institutional – institutions or agencies involved in English language teaching in Slovakia; institutional members have one representative and one vote. (60 EUR for up to six people, +10 EUR for every additional – please send the list of names and emails to
  • Life – awarded on the basis of nomination and a majority vote of the general membership. Life members are those whose work in the field of ELT in Slovakia and/or behalf of the Chamber and English teachers is deserving of acknowledgement. Life members do not pay membership fees.

To BECOME a member, sign up on the membership list, pay the membership fee and wait for the email of confirmation with your membership number to arrive from the Membership Secretary within 30 days of payment. Please include your name and the word ‘clenstvo’ or ‘membership’ when transferring payment. If your name is not included, we cannot guarantee your membership.

To RENEW your membership, pay the annual membership fee by 15 September of the year. Please include your name and the word ‘clenstvo’ or ‘membership’ when transferring payment.

Memberships not renewed by 30 September of any given year will be removed from the Chamber rolls.

Payments can be made by bank transfer:
Slovenská komora angličtinárov
Baštová 7
811 03 Bratislava, Slovakia
Account number/č. účtu: 2927910236/1100 Tatra banka
IBAN: SK8411000000002927910236

If you change your email address or place of employment any time after registration, please let the membership secretary know as soon as possible at This is the only way to guarantee that you receive all SKA newsletters and info.


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