2016 Kosice: Mind the Gap

The Slovak Chamber of English Teachers/Slovenská komora angličtinárov (SKA) held its 2nd annual, international ELT conference for and on behalf of Slovakia’s thousands of English teachers in Slovakia’s 2nd largest city, Košice.  ‘Mind the Gap – Intercultural Communicative Competence’ was a great event for both our members and partners for quality training in our field of English language teaching with plenaries Zuzana Straková (Prešov University), Russell Stannard (www.teachertrainingvideos.com), David Farmer (www.dramaresource.com), and Lynda Steyne (Trnava University).

We are grateful to our colleagues at Gymnázium, Opatovská cesta 7, in Košice, for hosting us!


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