Webinars and Online Courses

What is a webinar?webinarGlobe3
A webinar is like a seminar presentation or workshop, but via video online. Everyone is in the comfort of their own homes listening to and watching the speaker. Just like in a live seminar, participants can ask questions if they wish.

Does that mean I need a camera and a microphone?
Not at all! All you need is an internet connection. No one will see or hear you during the webinar, and you will only see and listen to the speaker, not other participants. It’s like a YouTube video that you are watching, only that the speaker is sitting in front of the camera in real time. 

Wouldn’t it be easier if the speaker just made a video and posted it on YouTube?
It probably would for the speaker but then you could not ask questions that the speaker can answer right away.

How do I communicate with the speaker if I don’t use a microphone?
There is be a chat box on the right where you can ask questions or make a comment by typing them. 

Why do we need a webinar if there are ELT conferences?
Because those happen just once or twice a year! And there is so much interesting stuff to share with each other that it’d be a pity not to use the possibilities that the online world provides.




Paid Service

  • IATEFL (recordings for members only – live events are always free)
  • Cambridge English Teacher webinar archives (registration required. Some are free, some aren’t.)

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