Recap of Interesting Resources and Blog Posts – March 2015

Compiled by Marja Juhola

Clocks are going forward this weekend and it is Easter next week. This can only mean one thing: spring is officially here! Before we forget all about March, let’s have a look at what’s been going on this month.


  • SKA is now officially an IATEFL Associate! Hurrah!blue IATEFL associate
  • IATEFL is holding its annual conference in Manchester in April and although we can’t make it this year, we’ll definitely be following all the excitement online!
  • At the end of Feb, SKA hosted Rakesh Bhanot for a teacher’s workshop on ‘Teaching more than grammar’ in the English classroom. Thanks for teaching us to THINK about what and how we teach, Rakesh!




Lesson ideas and material

  • A lesson plan from Anna Breslavskaya based on a famous song by Shania Twain. A good conversation starter on the topic of shopping and money. Suitable for intermediate+ | B1, B2 levels.
  • Kieran Donaghy has a book out on using film in the classroom from his new book.  Info on the book, free activities and useful links can be found here.1959899_1602603686650588_3521425606653882745_n
  • Are you really sure you don’t want students using their mobile phones in your class?
    Tekhnologic has come up with these seven ways they can use them productively.
  • Engames has created this blog post to focus on the mistakes that students frequently make with the present simple and continuous tenses. There are online quizzes, a game and a worksheet.
  • Have you seen these free resources over at BBC Learning English? Lots of fun and helpful too!
  • A spring poem writing activity!
  • FREE resource from Adam Simpson, ‘Using Games in the Language Classroom‘.
  • Kahoot – A great game-based blended learning response system – create quizzes online and test the class using mobile devices, laptops, on desktop computers.


Interesting reading – professional development


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3 Responses to Recap of Interesting Resources and Blog Posts – March 2015

  1. Adam says:

    Many thanks for mentioning my e-book.

  2. Annanna says:

    Hello, thanks for this great list of ESL resourses, and thank you for featuring my lesson plan!

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