Recap of Interesting Resources and Blog Posts – September 2014

Compiled by Marja Juhola

We are back again with our monthly collection of sites and resources we found interesting. We hope that the new school year has started well, and that we’ll meet soon in one of the seminars held this autumn – lots of sessions coming up, check out the last section!

Help with the start of the new school year


Stuff to read

Innovations in the continuing professional development of English language teachers.

Inspiring English teachers: a comparative study of learner perceptions of inspirational teaching.

  • Have you heard of these people? LEAF works with young people, developing their leadership skills.
  • How many words are there for ‘death’? Read this Guardian article to find out!
  • Another Guardian article, this time on posh English.
  • If you are interested in the bigger picture, the OECD ‘Education at a Glance’ Report has been published.
  • Would like to find out more about different ways of teaching? This collection of articles gives a good overview.
  • How good is your English vocabulary? Try this test to find out.


Ideas for the classroom

  • Need pictures for the classroom? You may have already heard of eltpics but if you haven’t, here it comes again!10251904_1521950624715895_897667468499905651_n
  • Anything that is free is good! Here is a great site for those of you who teach kids.
  • Free storybooks here to use with your YL learners.
  • Pixabay’s Updates Make It Easier to Find Quality Public Domain Images (for speaking and maturita tasks).
  • An OUP competition: The Everybody Up Global Sing-along is back! Use the free resources to teach fun and effective songs lessons in your class. Then give your students the chance to share their performance with other classes around the world. The competition closes on 15 February 2015. Voting closes on 1 March 2015.
  • Have you got a stack of old calendars lying around? Put them to good use with this great idea!

Continuous Professional Development

  • Coming up! IATEFL Web Conference: Hot Topics Across Borders in ELT. Saturday, 18 October 2014 at 14:00 Sunday, 19 October 2014 at 15:30 (BST)
  • A free 4-week online course organised by the University of Southampton and the BC: Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching.
  • An OUP development day with Nina Lauder and Václav Boček in October! Sessions all across the country. Find the one closest to you here.
  • If you use CLIL or would like to find out more, you have an amazing opportunity to hear experts in the field in BB on 16th October 2014, 9:00-16:30. Email Dana Hanesova for details:
  • The IATEFL Hungary conference takes place this weekend (4 Oct) ! If you cannot make it there in person, you can still enjoy the action by checking out the live channel.
  • CUP and Cambridge Language Assessment are organising a CPD event in BA and Zilina on 16-17 October. Email Peter Bojo to register and for details (
  • Macmillan is organising a conference in BB on 14 November. For details and registration, go here.


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