Recap of Interesting Resources and Blog Posts – May 2014

Compiled by Martina Bednáriková.

A week to go until ELTForum 2014 – registration ends at midnight tonight so you still have time! Do it here!  And be sure to check out the speakers’ interviews!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Whilst waiting for the conference, find below our selection this month.


ICT and Blended Learning

  • Blended Learning: are you in favour of or doubtful about it? Here is an infographic on 10 trends in Blended Learning.
  • Do you use Creative Commons Licenses? If no, here is some basic information what it is and how teacher can use it. If yes, here are some details on what is new about the new version: the Creative Commons 4.0 Licenses.
  • TUZZit is an online graphic organizer tool. Why not to give it a go and use it in the classroom or as a home task? Read Larry Ferlazzo’s blog post about it here.
  • Roger Schank thinks Online Education is dead. Why does he think so? What does he offer instead?
  • If you happen to teach online or if you are considering such an option, here are some useful tips on how to make your online course more effective and engaging for learners.
  • Nowadays few will question the importance of web literacy skills. Have you ever had to teach them to your students? Or do you think you need to improve your own web literacy skills? If you have answered yes to both of the above questions, here are free online courses on web literacy skills from Mozilla for you. Join in and learn with your peers for free!
  • Lots and lots of useful images here!

Ideas for the Classroom

Continuous Professional Development

  • SOL is preparing busily for its summer season of TEACHER COURSES  In July two 12 day courses will be held in North Devon, close to the Atlantic: July 6th -17th (Authentic English language and culture) and 20th – 31st (Devon unplugged).
Both courses tutored by MARK ANDREWS but supported by Uwe Pohl for the first and Fiona Mauchline for the second. All details on this website
. In August, there are TWO 8-day (SO(u)L camps for teachers:  Aug 6th – 14th in Čadca, Slovakia and also Aug 17th – 24th in the delightful town of Sremski Karlovci, near Novi Sad, Serbia.
  • A REPEATING EVENT: FREE Friday Webinars with Shelly Sanchez Terrell & American TESOL
Every Friday at 10pm CET time, Shelly conducts a free half-hour webinar on topics of interest to ELT professionals.
  • Check out all upcoming Macmillan events is Slovakia here.
  • Have you ever been observed by peer teachers, your principal or even an inspector? If so, what feedback did you receive? Was it honest and useful? Was it critical? Or was it just nice? Below is a blog post on how to make peer observation benefit everyone involved.
  • All-time books on teaching vocabulary.  Million thanks to Adam Simpson for drawing up this list for us.


  • What can one English teacher and some of his students in Slovakia do to encourage 1978784_661927777215055_7062272449935258382_nhumanity? THIS!
  • What would you write to your 1st-year teacher self? Me? You’re gonna fail. But your kids will succeed. See this video by SoulPancake and Edutopia.
  • Thank you, George Lucas! “Teachers motivate. Teachers synthesize information. Teachers listen, coach, and mentor. Teachers matter.”
  • If you’re a novice teacher, here are 5 pieces of advice for you from Steve Figurelli. If you’re a seasoned teacher, sit back and think what advice or pieces of advice would you give to your former self 5 or 10 years from now? See if you agree with Steve’s ideas.
  • What is the most important part of the learning process? See what research has to say.
  • Social and emotional learning is so important in education, via Edutopia.
  • What are we doing?
 “Right now there is an aspiring teacher who is working on a 60-page paper based on some age-old education theory developed by some dead education professor wondering to herself what this task that she’s engaging in has to do with what she wants to do with her life, which is be an educator, change lives, and spark magic.” What this inspriring TED talk by Christopher Emdin.
  • Starting to feel too tired as the school term comes to its end? Read these tips by Elena Aguilar on beating fatigue.


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