Frank Prescott: Making Students Think

Some of our teachers met Frank at last year’s SOUL Camp in Cadca. We’re glad to have him at the conference this year so more of us can learn from him. Conference 2015

An Interview with Frank Prescott  by Martina Bednarikova – Part 1

Frank Prescott (who is presenting on the ELT Forum conference June 7th) knows that the functionfrank_mountains of education is to teach two essential things: to think intensively and to think critically. So, the best thing you can do as a teacher is develop your students’ passion for learning. If you do, they will never cease to grow.

Slovak Chamber of English Teachers (SCET): Tell us the story behind your life in Hungary. How did you come to move there? And have you always wanted to teach?

Frank Prescott (FP): The story of my life in Hungary is too long to tell here, but I’ll give you the basic facts. I moved to Budapest in November 1995 and I’ve been here ever since. Now I live in Transylvania as well in the summer and at Christmas – that’s where my wife comes…

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