David Fisher: Touching Lives with Theatre

We’d like to see more of David Fisher and his Bear Theatre here in Slovakia. But at least we’ll get to learn from him a bit at the conference…

ELTforum.sk Conference 2015

An interview by Martina Bednáriková

As a teacher, you do not have to stay within the lines of the usual. David Fisher, a professional actor and an ELT Forum presenter this June, knows what he’s talking about. Make use of everything to enhance yourDavid Fisher students’ learning process – discover and rediscover gestures, sounds, and words… because when learners are able to break through those initial language difficulties, they can find expression of what’s really on their minds.

Slovak Chamber of English Teachers (SCET): Let’s start with how you got to the Czech Republic. Can you share the story behind your life there?

David Fisher (DF): I first moved to Prague after I finished university in Scotland in February 1990. I had been studying philosophy so I wasn’t on a career path. The idea was to travel a bit and try teaching to see how I liked it (both my parents were teachers.) I liked it very much indeed and stayed…

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