Barbi Bujtás: In Love with Teaching

Simply put, if you love having fun in class (with method behind the madness), don’t miss Barbi’s workshop. Conference 2015

An interview by Martina Bednarikova

Are you used to following the textbook? Barbi Bujtás, one of the ELT Forum speakers, Barbidefinitely isn’t. Some people may say what she does is sometimes a wee bit insane, but she often follows her students instead of any textbook. She knows that what happens as a result is actually teaching and real learning… because it is not the way things have always been done, but the way things work.

Slovak Chamber of English Teachers (SCET): Please share your story with us: how did you become an English teacher, and what do you like most about teaching?

Barbi Bujtás (BB): I never wanted to be a teacher, it was an accident. My early plan ‘A’ was to become a fine artist, later a guitarist. EFL teacher was my plan ‘F’ or ‘X’.

English was the only subject I was good at (without much effort) at secondary…

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