Jeffrey Doonan: Believing in Lifelong Learning

Jeffrey teaches in Turkey but will be presenting with Julia Alivertis from Greece at this year’s conference on using art in the classroom. We have the feeling there’s much more to this teacher than meets the eye 🙂 Conference 2015

An interview by Martina Bednarikova

No teacher is a pro from the first day of teaching. We all start out as amateurs and grow from there – it’s just this process of learning that teaches us and gives us our purpose in teaching. In his joint presentation with Julia Alivertis, ELT Forum 2014 speaker Jeffrey Doonan will show how important it is to wash the dust of our daily lives off our teacher soul in order to get the inward significance of things across to our students. Because when you listen to your eyes, your students listen to you.

Slovak Chamber of English Teachers (SCET): How would you define yourself as an educator?

Jeffrey Doonan (JD): Well, it is hard to say. I am a believer in lifelong learning so I try to instill that belief and a curiosity to learn more into my students. As an educator, hopefully I am…

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