Dana Hanesová: On a Way to Better Understanding – Part 1

Dana Hanesova will be presenting at the June conference on CLIL and young learners. She’s got a lot of insight into the subject.

ELTforum.sk Conference 2015

Dana Hanesová Dana Hanesová

Interview by Martina Bednarikova

Part of the art of teaching is the ability to rearrange the world for your students. By forcing them to see things in a new way, suggesting rather than dogmatizing, teachers have the power to inspire his listeners’ lives. Dana Hanesová, one of the speakers at ELT Forum 2014, tries hard to be such an opener of doors for all her students… for she knows that teachers actually write scripts on their students’blackboards of life that can never be erased.

Slovak Chamber of English Teachers (SCET): One of your areas of interests is CLIL. Can you tell us more about your own experience of working in CLIL environment? In what way can both Slovak students and teachers benefit from using CLIL methods of teaching?

Dana Hanesová (DH): Yes, I am very interested in CLIL and I do consider it as having a…

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