Beata Borošová: To Practice Perception of a Foreign Language Is the Best Way to Learn It

“Isn’t it quite fascinating that whenever you speak to someone, the way you sound creates a big percentage of the whole message? People judge you based not only on what you say but how you say it.”
Beata Borosova shares some of her insights into the role of pronunciation in the life of a language learner. She’ll be doing a workshop on the subject at 2014 in June too. Conference 2015

Beata Borošová Beata Borošová

An Interview by Martina Bednáriková

All teachers know that teaching by example is the only thing that never fails. Our students may not remember what we try to teach them, but they will definitely remember who we are. Beata Borošová, one of the speakers at ELT Forum 2014 chose to live her life in such a way. She inspires others to never forget that this life is for learning, sharing, caring and helping… but most of all, for loving. For as Thomas Carlyle said,”a loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge”.

Slovak Chamber of English Teachers (SCET): Can you tell us the story behind your teaching career? Have you always wanted to teach at university? What do you like about it, and is there anything that you do not like at all?

Beata Borošová (BB): Before starting teaching at university where I have been for almost twenty years…

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