A Life in Languages and Linguistics – An Interview with Professor David Crystal

We’ve got the Professor up for an interview 🙂

ELTforum.sk Conference 2015

Professor David Crystal, OBE Professor David Crystal, OBE

It is with great pleasure that we present this year’s keynote speaker at our Conference – Professor David Crystal, OBE.

Professor Crystal, who has been called a ‘national treasure’, is a writer, editor, lecturer, and broadcaster known chiefly for his research work in English language studies, in such fields as English language learning and teaching, clinical linguistics, forensic linguistics, language death, style, English genre, Shakespeare and lexicography. He held a chair at the University of Reading for 10 years, and is now Honorary Professor of Linguistics at the University of Wales, Bangor. An author of over 100 books, he is perhaps best known for his two encyclopedias, ‘The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language’ and ‘The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language’. Recent books include ‘The Story of English in 100 Words’ (2011) and ‘Spell it out: the singular story of English spelling’ (2012), as well as ‘Wordsmiths…

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