Recap of Resources and Interesting Blog Posts – 29 March 2014

Compiled by Martina Bednáriková and Marja Juhola.

Here we are again. A month has flown by and it is time for another update on exciting stuff we have spotted. Check out the links below!

Teacher Development Opportunities

  • Don’t forget to take advantage of the Early Bird registration for our conference in June. You have until 13 April. Register here.  To get ready for the conference, check out the interviews with 1925291_626386410769192_100748890_nour amazing keynote speakers Gabriela Lojova (Part 1; Part 2) and Maggie Kubanyiova.
  • is organising a number of sessions around the country in April and May with speakers from Express Publishing. You can check the dates here.
  • Shaping the Way We Teach English  – The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs has launched a pilot Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) prepared by and for English-teaching professionals. The first session starts on 7 April.
  • SO[U]LCamp – when: 6th-14th August 2014, where: Čadca, Slovakia, with whom: MARK ANDREWS! and a bunch of other crazy teachers.
    1. Continuous ELT professional development in a beautiful residential setting.
    2. Multinational atmosphere with teachers from all over Central and Eastern Europe.
    3. Cutting edge ELT methodology including mobile learning, ethnographic field work, British cultural studies, film and video, project work, mindfulness and critical thinking.
    4. An exciting programme of visits to neighbouring countries in Slovakia.
    5. Evening social programmes including pub quizzes, singing, wine tasting and presentations of the countries represented on the courses.
    6. Experienced teacher trainers (from UK / native speakers).
    7. Yoga, swimming and running so you end the course feeling refreshed in both body and mind.


Teaching Ideas and Resources



Business English Teaching

1458548_637329323008234_164502195_nNeed Inspiration? And other interesting bits and pieces

  • Remember that very special teacher when you were at school? Read about Chia Suan Chong’s Mr Keating!
  • What if a man from the end of the 19th century walked in the streets of a modern city? What if he walked into a classroom? Where do you think he would see big changes? Where would he see very little change? Isn’t there the need to bring change into the classroom? Isn’t it time to head towards Education 3.0?  By Jackie Gerstein.
  • Coursebooks – a necessary evil or a useful resource? Ann Loseva thinks that … find out for yourself!
  • What does this say about our educational systems’ objectives? “G.P.A.’s [marks] are worthless as a criteria for hiring, and test scores are worthless. … We found that they don’t predict anything.” “There are five hiring attributes we have across the company […]”:
    1. Learning ability
    2. Leadership
    3. Intellectual humility
    4. Ownership
    5. (least important) Expertise. Read the rest of the article by here.
  • Read Leo Selivan’s latest post! Leo says, “Research shows that presenting new words in semantic sets (shirt, skirt, hat, scarf) hinders learning. Why are we still teaching vocabulary this way? What are alternative solutions?
  • FREE BOOK! Which may or may not help us understand our teen learners better…
  • How to enhance learner autonomy? How to make students more confident and resourceful in their learning? The answer: teachers should just unlearn helpfulness, says David Ginsburg in his recent blogpost.
  • Why ‘freedom fries’ never stuck: Lera Boroditsky discusses quite an exciting topic – Do languages determine the way we think?
  • Does your school feel like an exam factory? See this article by John Harris about the situation in the UK.
  • Are you a dogme fan? Not sure what it is? Follow this new blog and its development. Adam Beale is writing it as part of a professional development project that is being run by him at the school where he works in Spain, IH Madrid.
  • What’s your CPD level? While this may be more about language school teachers, there is so much here that applies to all of us English language teachers who want to improve in our profession no matter where we teach. Excellent! (and funny).



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