The Day Coldplay Came To Our Classroom – A Lesson Plan on “Clocks”

A lesson plan using a music video by the British band, Coldplay, suitable for teens and adults (B2-C1)…

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Little do they know we have built entire lessons on their songs…! (Image taken from

I love using different kinds of texts in my lessons, I have mentioned poetry and literature before – so now I will share with you a lesson plan I made about five years ago, using the song Clocks by British band Coldplay (which is also one of my favourite songs by them).

People who know me, know that they are one of my favourite bands – I love their music and the lyrics are great! (As a devoted fan I have all their CDs, but have not been to one of their concerts…yet!)

The students I have used this song with so far have really enjoyed it. (Depending on the group of students I may or may not use all of the activities. I usually use it for upper-intermediate or advanced students.)

Here are…

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  1. Vicky Loras says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my post! I hope teachers find the ideas useful.

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