What did you have for breakfast?

A great little activity to practice food vocab and simple structures in speaking and even writing.
Level: A2+
Age: 13+

Get them talking

Here´s a simple warmer that never fails to get learners talking: Ask them to work with a partner or in a small group and say what they had for breakfast that morning.

Tell them that it´s OK if they didn´t have anything for breakfast, they can tell their partner that instead and perhaps also explain why that was (if they feel comfortable sharing that).

While they´re doing this learners can practise using food vocabulary and encourage them to ask you or check with a dictionary if they´re not sure what word they need for a particular food or drink item they want to say.

Learners can also practise using the present simple and past simple appropriately. When they´ve finished the activity, you can ask for some feedback from the learners on what they or their partners ate for breakfast and focus their attention on the contrast between:

I drink a…

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