Gabriela Lojová: Problems are guidelines

The first 2014 conference interview is out – and it’s with our own Gabi Lojova. Read on!
“And it is my students that motivate me most. Any kind of positive feedback is the strongest motivation. Once you feel that your work is useful and can help students move forward either professionally or personally, it’s worth coming to work the next day.” Conference 2015

An Interview by Martina Bednáriková, Part 1

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Enthusiastically continuing the challenge of training future English teachers at Comenius University in Bratislava, Gabriela Lojová has literally infused her life with action in order to make the future a better place. Although it has not always been easy, she believes that only by setting our sights high and working hard can we enrich our world. Her message? No change can be made without hope and confidence. And do not forget – you’ve got to love it to be able to handle it.

Slovak Chamber of English Teachers (SCET): As a university instructor, you do many different things. Could you give us some insight into your work, and what you enjoy about it?

Gabriela Lojová Gabriela Lojová

Gabriela Lojová (GL): Yes, our work is really very varied and multifaceted: First of all, it’s teaching and other kinds…

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