Lessons Learnt

Although Sasha Chistyakova focuses on presenting at conferences or doing workshops and seminars, what she shares about what she’s learned rings true for us as teachers in the classroom too. Teach in sections, know your material and be willing to go off the beaten path. Whatever you do, be prepared for things to go wrong ūüôā

ELT Diary

When after my first ever talk in Bratislava at ELTforum in June, 2013, I was offered an idea of giving a plenary speech some time later, my first reaction was a mixed one: I was surprised, I was pleased, I was scared, I was excited and, at the same time, I felt very humble. But I could never imagine that I would give a plenary this soon, just a couple of months later, in Preveza.

So, up till now, I have given two speeches: a so-called concurrent talk and a plenary talk. Not so many, but enough to draw some conclusions. And here, in this post, I would like to share the lessons I have learnt from my experience as a presenter.

For some, there isn’t much difference between a concurrent talk and a plenary because in both cases you might find yourself talking to a large audience (this…

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