Motivation and the Vision of Knowing a Second Language

At the iatefl-H Budapest 2013 conference, this was perhaps the most enlightening and insightful plenary: Zoltan Dornyei on Motivation and Vision. What’s OUR vision, not only for ourselves as English teachers and learners, but for our students? What do we believe they can and WILL achieve?

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Motivation and the Vision of Knowing a Second Language – Zoltán Dörnyei’s Plenary

IMG_4751Vision is one aspect of motivation – the highest level of motivation, said Prof. Dörnyei. He believes it is a very useful term for individuals – it is something we see with our inner eyes. Vision plays a very important role in achievements – for instance, athletes try to rehearse mentally.

What’s the difference between Vision and Goal?

A goal is an abstract plan of the future, whereas a vision is a goal with an accompanying sensory element; an image of what it will be like when the goal has been achieved.

Future self-image

Prof. Dörnyei spoke about learners having a desired future self-image, which is different from the current self – it is elaborate and vivid, and perceived as plausible. However, it is sometimes hindered by a feared future self.

We need to help our…

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