Teacher development belongs to teachers

Difficult to do when teaching in the public school system, but take control of your own professional development and make it work for you.

Willy Cardoso

Let’s start this by saying I don’t agree with the distinction people make sometimes between teacher training, teacher development, and teacher education.

I know I’m wrong when:

The distinction is about how programmes are structured.

At least in my main area of work, ELT. This is usually understood like this:

  • Teacher education is what happens in higher education / universities (e.g. BAs and PGCEs); it is ‘academic’;
  • Teacher training is usually much shorter, from 4-weeks to 1 year (e.g. CELTA, DELTA “or equivalent”)it is ‘practical’, sometimes ‘quasi-academic’;
  • Teacher development is whatever else the teacher does (or is done for) to become a better teacher (e.g. conferences, in-house workshops, reading or blogging about trends in education, etc)


Teacher development has the least prestige of all three; mainly because it is the most informal of all three – not coincidentally also the most autonomous.

So I can’t…

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