Sirja Bessero on the nagging doubts of a non-native speaker teacher

Being a non-native speaker does not negate one’s ability to teach English.

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This is the first guest post I’ve posted in quite a while. It’s been written by Sirja Bessero, an Estonian teacher of English living and working in Switzerland.

I followed a link to her excellent blog where I found lots of thoughtful posts about teaching, amusingly presented. Sirja is clearly a talented speaker of the language she teaches, and yet in one of her blogs, I found a very interesting description of the nagging doubts that Non-NESTs can experience in their working life. I asked her to write something about it for my blog, and here it is.


I guess it was the tactlessness, or maybe the sheer arrogance, but that moment got imprinted into my brain, into my memory hard-disk like a nasty stain…

A couple of years ago, as I was attending yet another great conference for English teachers, I witnessed an intense moment of unease…

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