Monument English

What stuff? What things?


In today’s 10 minute lesson we are going to look at 2 very confusing words, “stuff and things” and also talk about being vague.


vague (adj.) – unclear because someone does not give enough detailed information or does not say exactly what they mean.

In English, native speakers occasionally use words that are not precise, clear or exact. A good way to describe words like these is to say they are vague.

Have you ever heard someone say. . .
I have a vague memory about the incident. (It means they can remember some of it but not everything.) or

I have a vague idea where the coffee shop is. (This means that the speaker knows the area, but not the exact location of the coffee shop.) or

I vaguely(adv) remember going to the concert last year. (This means the speaker remembers some of…

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