Ken Wilson, teacher trainer, songwriter and one of our plenary speakers this year, has something to say in favour of US, TEACHERS. It’s nice to be appreciated.

Ken Wilson's Blog

Tool 1

This is a slide from one of the talks I’m currently giving. It’s called ‘Ten Quotations To Make You Think’. Vesna Novicic, a teacher who came to see the talk in Belgrade, posted the slide on Facebook. It’s actually the second part of a quotation from Bill Gates. This is the whole quote:

Tool 2

Vesna’s re-posting of the slide led to the following Facebook remarks from Graham Stanley and Daniel Martin. 

Tool remark 1

Daniel’s is quite amusing, so I’m posting it to give all you teachers a bit of a chuckle. Graham’s prompted me to post this rejoinder.

Tool remark 2

Now, I know that over the past twenty years, the emphasis in education has shifted from teaching to learning, and the needs of the learner should be at the forefront of all our thinking as teachers.

But teachers, don’t you ever get a little fed up with all this emphasis on the learner? Some learners…

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